It takes a special voice to know how to uplift others. These platforms all work to share the voices and work of marginalized communities while focusing on their art and craft as priority. Make sure to bookmark these in your browser and give them a follow on social media.


The Grey estates

The Grey Estates is a blog focused on delivering insightful, personal looks at artists, creators, collaborators, and more across the independent music community. Lauren Rearick is the editor and creator of the Internet’s most delightful purple blog. Learn more about The Grey Estates at


Pass the mic

Pass The Mic is a Minneapolis-based blog dedicated to amplifying the voices of women, trans, and non-binary musicians and music industry professionals. Through conversations, concert reviews, playlists, and features, Pass The Mic highlights the folks making waves in the Twin Cities and beyond, and gives its subjects an active role in constructing their own stories. Interested in contributing to Pass The Mic? Drop Colleen Cowie a line! Learn more about Pass the Mic at


The Alternative

The Alternative is the ultimate community for independent music. “The Alternative was created to be the music site that we wanted to exist. A site with impeccable taste, quality content, and intelligent stances on important issues.” The diverse staff curates some of the most impeccable and impactful music you could find. Learn more about The Alternative at


Hooligan magazine

Hooligan Magazine, run by Morgan Martinez and Rivka Yeker, cover all areas of the arts and creative community. Based out of Chicago, their mission reads: “We are here to reinvent the norm by normalizing the alternative.” Learn more about Hooligan Magazine at