Song of the Week: Please Be Kind, “Your Heart Grows Faster on the Sidewalk”


Welcome to Song of the Week. This weekly series highlights what's been on repeat rotation for me, and I'm all about sharing what's spinning in my head and out in the world. It's an opportunity for a throwback, a signal boost to a new release, a single premiere, or just a chance to swap tunes.

My favorite mood is mellow and reflective, and Please Be Kind's "Your Heart Grows Faster on the Sidewalk" inspires that exact feeling. The single available from the Orlando's emo-influenced ukelele artist is a shining capsule of a song that feels as serendipitous as it does intentional.

In about a minute, Please Be Kind takes listeners in a fluttering moment, filled with gorgeous intonations toward details like a French mustache that swirl together in a way that's so easily left on loop.

As for a vibe - it feels only right to have Trina Marie's gorgeous vocals lead a Monday with her declaration, "I want everything and nothing / to do/ with you" equally juxtaposed with shining hope: "We're all just wonderful accidents / waiting to happen."

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