Song of the Week: Gilt, “Visitation”


Welcome to Song of the Week. This weekly series highlights what's been on repeat rotation for me, and I'm all about sharing what's spinning in my head and out in the world. It's an opportunity for a throwback, a signal boost to a new release, a single premiere, or just a chance to swap tunes.

Angrycore only feels right to start off a Monday, and Gilt has this mastered with rich emotion. Their most recent single "Visitation" has been a repeat spin for its bouncing energy with a sudden punch of reality locked within it's anthemic riffs.

Think of Gilt's new single as North Florida's take on mewithoutYou sonically, but add the robustness of Gilt's own musical firepower. This is a band that flourishes on high energy and eclectic performance. Vocals are nothing short of searing with lines like "Cause you're gone but you're still not dead to me/Cause death's familiar, but it's still not family."

"Visitation" is a gorgeously intricate snapshot into the next chapter for the St. Augustine act, with an upcoming split and full length on the way. Be sure to follow @giltfl on social media to stay tuned for upcoming releases, shows, and more.

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