Punch Up

There are moments when it gets to be too much. The belittling, talking down, micro-aggressions, and sometimes outright harassment just become overwhelming. In that moment, you're anxious to turn to a friend, a family member, anyone who just understand the experience of being a non-man, and a target of these experiences.

Cue the playlist.

Punching Up is for the moments that you have to pull yourself together and need those voices in your ear that say "I understand." It's for those of us who need to retreat to a space that embraces and hears your experiences. It's for when you need to feel stronger - and the music that gives you that feeling.

The songs on this playlist are a collection of my favorites and those gathered on Twitter from you. Think of this as our living, collective effort to boost each other up. That's the beauty of this community of ours - we can take care of each other instantly with the click or tap of "Play."

Thanks for listening - and be sure to follow and subscribe for more playlists.